The Working Capitol Offices – Singapore

The Working Capitol has opened its second coworking location in Singapore providing a variety of workspace options to accommodate the changing needs of the individual.

  • Client The Working Capitol,
  • size 55,972 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Singapore,
  • Industry Coworking,
  • HASSELL designed the Working Capitol‘s new coworking offices located in Singapore.

    Following on the success of their flagship space on Keong Saik Road, their new site at 140 Robinson Road builds on everything people already love about the Working Capitol brand – its focus on wellbeing, social connections and the free flow of ideas between industries – and takes it one step further.

    Together, HASSELL and this co-working leader have created 11 floors of workplace in the heart of the city blending hospitality amenities with inspiring spaces for every type of working style or activity.

    It’s a welcoming, tailor-made destination for businesses that want to re-think the way they operate.

    We worked together with our client to understand what made their space so successful – so we could take that to the next level at Robinson Road.

    Our workplace design for the new location is focused firmly on the individual and their changing needs. It achieves everything the traditional cubicle can’t – like supporting innovation and cooperation for a more satisfying, successful working environment.

    The site offers collaborative workspaces, quiet areas, private offices and duplex penthouses alongside a range of great food and beverage options, a 20-metre outdoor lap pool and gym space, a sky garden, a bar and a member’s lounge.

    That range of choices means there is an optimal working environment – and space for breaks – to suit every type of business and worker. At the same time, the circulation routes between these spaces also become hubs for activity, conversation and chance encounters.

    The new co-working space sits lightly within the concrete shell of the building, covering –but not concealing – the existing structure like a second skin.

    We have put a ‘tailored edge to the raw’ – exposing walls, employing plywood features and installing rubber floors across the building.

    Together with dynamic, colour-changing dichroic glass, pared-back gold detailing and the brand’s signature teal, the design results in a polished but still playful urban experience.

    Design Team: Paul Semple, Joel Sampson, Amy Carrick
    PhotographyE.K. Yap