Transurban Group Offices – Melbourne

  • Client Transurban Group,
  • size 49,675 sqft
  • Year 2015
  • Location Melbourne, Australia,
  • Industry Transportation,
  • HASSELL created the office design for Transurban Group, urban toll road operator, located in Melbourne, Australia.

    Transurban operates some of the world’s largest road networks – and looks at new ways to manage congestion in our cities. To meet those challenges now and in the future, they need a workplace to work together and to have flexibility, along with a good dose of ingenuity.

    Transurban’s headquarters extend over two levels of the Collins Square development, on the edge of Melbourne’s Docklands – and within one of their most important road networks.

    This visual link is a powerful, everyday reminder of the company’s role in keeping cities moving – a key element of their letter to HASSELL. So Transurban wanted their offices to support new ways of working, attract the best and brightest and retain the feel of a nimble organization.

    HASSELL responded with a design for a vibrant, social workplace that reinforces a sense of community and connection, inspires creative thinking and meets the changing needs of the workforce. The design team uses curves and spirals to connect spaces, creating a sense of continuous motion that mimics transport circulation. This includes a wide spiral staircase linking the two levels, circular meeting pods and undulating lines on the floors to define open spaces and working hubs.

    HASSELL worked with the building’s developer to remove part of the façade, creating a two-storey terrace that better connects Transurban to its cityscape and provides a fresh space to work or take a break. Greenwalls and plantings throughout the office, ie making a healthier working environment.

    The open and inclusive design provides visibility and access to the entire workplace. Both levels wrap around a central atrium, making the floors feel connected to almost every angle.

    The smart use of technology connects the company to what’s happening beyond the workplace. Live screens from Transurban’s road networks. Reminder of the company’s role in urban transportation. It’s one of the first things visitors and employees see.

    HASSELL also helped deliver a more flexible workplace, where employees can choose when, where and how to work. Work stations with different seating configurations are located on both levels, and meeting tables and benches are interspersed throughout the offices. Open hubs on the periphery of each level are another option for individual work.

    Today, Transurban has a workplace that makes the difference to others in the transportation landscape. It’s a place where employees have more choices, better connections and, ideally, more fulfilling careers.

    Design Team: Ingrid Bakker, Joel Sampson, Meredith Nettleton, Raymond Butt, Robbie Peirce, Scott Walker
    Photography: Dianna Snape