Nutrino Offices – Tel Aviv

Nutrino has moved into an office that embodies the "freshness of grass" to reflect their company culture and product focused on health and wellbeing.

  • Client Nutrino,
  • size 3,229 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Tel Aviv, Israel,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Echo Design was engaged by nutrition data services and analytics company, Nutrino, to design their offices located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

    Nutrino Health is located on the 37th floor of Alon Tower 2 on Yigal Alon Street in Tel Aviv. This growing company asked us to design their new 300 sqm new office space. We were tasked with creating a youthful and colorful work space to accommodate 30 employees, most of which are in their twenties and early thirties. Nutrino, as the young startup that it is, has set a limited budget and a crazy (nearly impossible) schedule. Needless to say, we met this challenge head on! And their results are fabulous!

    Nutrino is a personalized nutrition data company that created FoodPrint(™) — the digital signature of how food affects your body. The company currently focuses on Diabetes, helping people discover the way their individual bodies respond to different foods.

    The company’s culture is highly focused on healthy living and that led us to focus on natural symbols, including many plants. The office was to embody the freshness of grass with light materials that embody a light and airy environment and make people feel right at home. We incorporated key elements into the space –Exposed concrete and ceilings which were already there and were left intact, natural birch plates as decoration, hardwood floors, custom made boards which were covered in green moss, a large selection of plants and furniture in vivid colors accessories and custom made art which was ordered and imported from Italy.

    Limited budget and time left us with only two months to make this project happen. To address this challenging situation, we started with the end in mind and defined our project plan working backwards from Nutrino’s move-in date. This approach allowed us to stay on schedule and meet the desired timeline.

    To address our limited budget, we exported project execution tasks to several sub-contractors and put the installations in the hands of a head contractor on the ground. Simultaneously, we chose inexpensive yet high quality raw materials that looked great. Planning and building this office on such a tight schedule was challenging and enjoyable. We proved yet again that for us, good design means having a vision and being able to break your ideas into small steps; small parts that ultimately lead to your vision being realized.

    DesignerEcho Design
    Photography: Shai Gil