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Sarita and Ron Peled have been partners in both business and life for the past 15 years. Sarita is a former dancer, currently a designer and artist. She studied Interior Architecture and Multi-Disciplinary Arts at the University of Tel Aviv, as well as Sculpting at the “Basis” school. Ron is an autodidact at heart, a building engineer with former experience in Hi-Tech and oriental studies. They both love, breath and live for design, aesthetics and colors. They’re passionate about different materials and colors, learning and advancing in our field at every turn. People, places, nature and music are our sources of inspiration. Life in the desert has provided us with a unique perspective, which is apparent in our work. However, we still love bigger cities and are constantly influenced by them as well. Echo Design Studio has over 15 years of experience designing residential homes, apartments, businesses and tourist locations. We work with our clients at every step of the way, from budgeting, through the selection of materials and professionals for construction all the way to supervision of the entire project. Our work exemplifies our ability to think outside the bounds of current trends and incorporate materials, shapes and colors in a refreshing, innovative way. Our unique thumbprint is the result of the cooperation between us and our clients, reflecting their wishes and our vision in every one of our projects. Our main office is located at Sdei Avraham in the Negev, with an additional branch in Herzliya.

Location: Beersheba, Israel
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