Boston Consulting Group Offices – Mumbai

  • Client Boston Consulting Group,
  • size 18,000 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Mumbai, India,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • Concept Consilio India has communicated the “Spirit of Mumbai” in the design for Boston Consulting Group‘s new offices located in Mumbai, India.

    The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) office in BKC, Mumbai is a unique space designed to celebrate the “Spirit of Mumbai” while retaining the international character of BCG offices across the globe.

    The highly collaborative approach is driven right from the space planning that allows a seamless overlap of collaboration spaces with focus areas while retaining the primary functionality of both. Light flows in through the glazing free from obstruction and along with the exposed ceilings enhance the volume of space.

    Dynamic workstations grow organically beneath the random sound scape panels with graphics on columns that sublimely remind the employees of values that BCG stands for. The reception is elegant with BCG colors forming a vibrant corner while Frames of “Vintage Mumbai” greet every visitor here.

    An art gallery like corridor dotted with quotes of great men and women leads to the sophisticated “client areas” The general work area is seen against the backdrop of a “quirky Mumbai”with the names of enclosed areas drawing inspiration from the famous bazaars here.

    Function definitely drives form in this office with meeting rooms taking hexagonal shapes in order to cater to the kind of meetings that take place here. Various opportunities for collaboration have been created with a large case team room serving also as an amphitheater, a circular huddle inspired the famous landmark of the “sea link” and the obligatory tribute to “Bollywood” with a corner replete with handpicked vintage Bollywood posters.

    The cafe is a modern take on the fast disappearing Iranian cafes that once abounded in the city. The design of the BCG office is a salute to spirit of the city as well as the “Bombay Wallahs” that work here – viewed through the quirky lens of nostalgia and hope in equal measure.

    DesignerConcept Consilio India
    Design Team: Ashwin Aryamane, Zainab Mukadam, Vaibhav Pawar, Sujit Tawde & Entire Team Concept
    Photography: Prashant Bhat