Confidential Client Offices – New England

Designed with an endless variety of mini-experiences, Jacobs has created a revitalized environment for their client's existing workplace in the New England, Massachusetts area.

  • Client Unnamed Company,
  • size 20,500 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Massachusetts, United States,
  • Jacobs have completed the design for a confidential client located in the New England, Massachusetts area.

    The aim of this project was to create maximum impact campus-wide by inserting key amenity areas into the existing workplace zones, with the goal of energizing and reinventing the employee experience. In an organization which is increasingly challenged by the constantly changing technology and culture, as well as a need for choice, this step-by-step approach to ultimate campus reinvention allowed the design team to observe employee behavior in the new pilot environments and continuously adjust new design solutions based on the observations.

    These ‘pilot pocket parks’ serve as magnets interspersed among existing workplace areas. At varying sizes and configurations, they are strategically positioned to support maximum innovation, collaboration, and agility. In addition to offering an endless variety of mini-experiences, their locations and adjacencies are also deliberate; in a sense, they begin to form a chain of hyperconnected destinations designed to promote exchange and cross-pollination between various business units on campus.

    A variety of technology solutions was introduced to give teams the tools they needed to not only transition to agile team methodology, but also to come together for events, ‘TED”-style talks, paired programming sessions, and virtual and real-time networking. With completely reconfigurable zones, modular movable furniture, and lighting, associates can adapt flexible areas to their requirements and create any number of planning scenarios, allowing them to fully ‘own’ the space. Unique design features throughout were achieved by using standard flooring, ceiling and lighting products in new ways, resulting in cost effective but impactful solutions.

    Photography: Anton Grassl