Confidential Client Offices – San José

  • Client Unnamed Company,
  • size 5,651 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location San Jose, Costa Rica,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Lacayo Arquitectos have a realized a new sense of space for a confidential client located in San José, Costa Rica.

    The iconic elements for this design are inspired by the urban environment of San José. Intending to commemorate the local culture and the sense of community the space was conceived so that the user can create a link between the two: urban elements and the office space, bringing memories and lived experiences within the city in this transportation company.

    The color palette was a pretty particular one: it consists of bright colors chosen according the cheerful and energetic culture that characterizes the locals. Using white as a base for the palette, the colorful ascents in contrast are statements that also make each space vibrant and dynamic.

    The project is only 525 m2, consists mainly of a double height central hall where the work stations are located, making the most of the natural light. The double height walls are a canvas for a local artist’s work made exclusively for the project, that honors and resembles the urban art found on the streets of San José. The acoustic comfort was treated with isolating and absorbing materials on the walls and ceilings.

    Gathering and focusing spaces surround the central hall. Conference rooms and phone booths provide flexibility according to the specific necessities of the different tasks the user develops.

    The second level is designated for spaces with informal meeting intent: exchange of opinions, interaction, and rest. The space planning aims to promote creativity, collaboration, and improve the productivity of the user.

    The overall design seeks the combination of the values of the company, with the values of the local culture in order to create a space where the user can get easily identified

    DesignerLacayo Arquitectos
    PhotographyRoberto D’Ambrosio