FTI Consulting Offices – San Francisco

Gensler has created a dynamic office design for financial consulting giant, FTI Consulting, located in San Francisco, California.

Leading the globe as expert investigators in forensic litigation research, FTI is always searching for answers, focusing on zooming in to uncover the truth. They wanted their space to reflect the refined depth of knowledge and strength of the company, combined with the warm welcome the Bay Area offers. The design concept provides dynamic, multi-layered architectural forms showcasing the depth of knowledge and rapid response of FTI’s investigations. Unveiling layers of materials and colors capture guests and users immediately upon arrival and continue to provide energy and curiosity throughout the space.

A camera lens ceiling, representing how FTI’s investigations zoom in to uncover the truth, is the focal point of the community space at the entry. Down corridors leading to the workspaces, dynamic angles and partially overlapping planes represent the extensive effort FTI’s investigations use to uncover the truth.

In the work areas, small neighborhoods allow teams to focus on sensitive client work. Larger common areas encourage greater interaction. Layers of colors and architectural forms reveal themselves through the neighborhoods, leading to destinations, creating a sense of arrival and discovery, and building curiosity for what will be uncovered.

The new FTI office is designed to be a place where users and guests feel welcome to share, learn, and explore.

Design Team: Clark Sept, K Chung, Bert deViterbo, Melissa O’Rear
Contractor: Skyline Construction
Photography: Jason O’Rear