Origin Offices – Brisbane

Origin's two-floor workspace in Brisbane is connected by a central spiral staircase, uniting the company as they strive to get energy right for their customers, their community and the planet.

  • Client Origin,
  • size 172,222 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Brisbane, Australia,
  • Industry Utilities,
  • HASSELL has created an integrated design for energy supplier Origin located in Brisbane, Australia.

    The move to consolidate the business under one roof was the first step toward fostering greater strategic alignment and collaboration across the board for energy supplier Origin. Their Brisbane, Australia workplace is a vertically integrated catalyst for ideation and problem-solving.

    Challenging the norm to create an activity-based workplace was about taking a more democratic approach to space planning.

    The integrated teams now work in stacked neighbourhoods distributed across two floors. They are connected by internal stairs, the primary source of circulation. A generous 80-metre promenade connects across the large floor plate and is scattered with internal landscaping and a variety of open work settings.

    Improved transparency and movement empower the people to socialise, leverage informal networks and be curious about what other teams are doing. A more connected workforce has been the result – a workplace that offers choice and trust in where and when people want to work. It encourages connections with customers and staff and builds a sense of community.

    With a focus on complete flexibility, the workplace isn’t divided into strict departments. Rather, there are ‘neighbourhoods’, in which various teams collaborate. A variety of workstation options provide the staff choice – high work settings, low settings, dynamic non-standard settings, sit/stand desks and booths.

    The contiguous floor plate allows neighbourhoods to expand and contract as needed. Each neighbourhood is supported by centrally shared and hackable spaces. These spaces flex and adapt to an evolving calendar of workshops, training and social events.

    As an organisation that considers wellbeing as physical, social, environmental and intellectual, the client developed a holistic program that results in more intuitive up-take of activity. Height adjustable work surfaces, perch points and stretch stations all encourage non-sedentary behaviour and changes in posture throughout the day.

    This new workplace reflects Origin’s commitment to getting the energy right for their customers, their community and the planet.

    Design Team: Troy King, Belinda Erken, Franco Altea, Chiomi Christie, Stephen McClenahan, Hannah Bauer, Megan McKenzie
    : Nicole England