Geometry Offices – London

  • Client Geometry,
  • size 26,102 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location United Kingdom, London, England,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • BDG architecture + design recently completed the retail-inspired Geometry offices, a global brand experience agency, located in London, England.

    Geometry helps brands thrive in an omni-channel world by shaping and changing people’s behaviour at pivotal moments along the purchase decision journey.

    Their office in the multi-tenant building at Westbourne Terrace was in real need of an upgrade and they appointed BDG to design this new space. Being able to move from 3 floors to 2 allowed them the swing space to undertake the works in situ.

    BDG and Geometry took a collaborative approach to the design of their new space, bringing together their new brand with the brief that concentrated on the ‘Retail infused Refurb’. This took notions of retail and fused that throughout the whole space providing a pivotal experience that was unique to them and ensuring that staff, visitors and clients gain a sense of who they are and what they do from being in their space. The key driver was that the space should reflect a retail inspired environment when entering the workplace rather than looking like an agency.

    As soon as you come out of the lift you have an arrival experience, it is not just an entrance to a workplace, there is a strong symmetrical entrance with floor to ceiling windows and large screens offering texturalised and personalised content, akin to arriving at a high end department store.

    Drawing on retail, there is under-lit shelves and mirrored columns that bounce the light off, shoppable mannequins as well as The Flagship which is an innovative immersive experience – a focus on the future for Geometry.

    Retail signage, reflective of a high end department store, has been used to delineate the 25ksf space home to 240 people, allowing navigation through the office and the different teams.

    This retail infused environment helps define the space and gives a unique look and feel. In the modern interpretation of space. Social tea zones were incorporated in the centre of the space on both floors, either to use as a creative collaborative space to bring people together or an area that they can choose to work in a degree of solitude.

    Geometry’s brand, strong and simple, is reflected throughout – a strong; simple; neutral colour palette with black steel work used to delineate the space and oyster, white and pale wood for warmth whilst yellow, navy and textures are used in different ways and varying fabrications to express different stories in different areas.

    This whole space is unique to Geometry – it allows their visitors to feel a sense of what they do before being told.

    This project was shortlisted for the 2019 London region ‘fit-out of workplace’ category for the British Council for Offices Awards.

    Design: BDG architecture + design
    Contractor: London Fit Out
    Photography: Billy Bolton & Jefferson Smith