Kosmos & Kaos Offices – Reykajvík

JeES architects created the design for Kosmos & Kaos‘ new office, a digital design agency located in Reykajvík, Iceland.

Our architects goal when designing the new offices was to strive for a cozy home like feel where everybody could relax and do their very best work. We did not want the traditional office feel and did our very best to steer clear of that. Everybody spends so much time at work and we want our staff to enjoy their surroundings and feel inspired while they are here. As for style it’s an amalgamation of various things where every detail is looked into and contemplated, for example our entrance. When entering the office you kind of felt naked and exposed, both as a person sitting at your desk and as the one who’s entering. A brilliant solution by our architect was to build a kind of barred tunnel that directs you and is a sculpture on its own. Furthermore the design of the office maximises our square meters without feeling cramped. As for materials we used a lot of solid oak to counterpart Kosmos & Kaos’s digital work with something very natural and tactile.

Design: JeES architects
Photography: Guðfinna Magnúsdóttir