Vainu Offices – Helsinki

A relaxed and unique space, the office design for Vainu seamlessly integrates the bones of an old building with a new modernized look for the Helsinki-based software company.

  • Client Vainu,
  • size 15,069 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Helsinki, Finland,
  • Industry Hardware / Software Development,
  • Kokema Design designed the bright offices for Vainu, a software company, located in Helsinki, Finland.

    Vainu is a prospecting and sales intelligence focused data platform which helps companies to focus on sales and marketing.

    With a fast track programme of seven months from start to completion, the design process had to be highly efficient. The challenge in this project was to find the right ways to combine the existing unique space, built in 1898 with the requirements of the new office space, as well as to make it fit with the look of the Vainu’s brand.

    Employee involvement was essential in the process from the outset, with workshops, questionnaires and lively debates informing our design decisions. The customer’s requirements for the space were a representative but relaxed and unique space that supports the company’s values and is timeless. Close cooperation with the customer helped to understand Vainu’s corporate culture and operating practices. After that, the company’s personality was reflected naturally in the interior design. Bold but thoughtful colors, relaxed but functional furniture, powerful yet aesthetically pleasing lighting were the means by which we struck an elegant balance.

    One of the most important parts of this project was the lighting design. Without well-designed lighting, other elements of the space, such as materials, furniture, textiles and details, would not be emphasized. The design of the office was carried out using simplified profile luminaires and their modifications. This was especially important in ceiling and wall lights – In this way the light was focused on where it was needed. Also, the amount & quality of light in the corridors doubled when the old wall lamps were replaced with new vertical profile lamps.

    The spacious floor plan provided an opportunity to design both functional and experiential spaces, which was to enable the staff to feel happy and valued, as well as to work productively. The result was a combination of high-tech conference rooms, a flexible meeting rooms, quiet offices and telephone booths. The spacious open space combined with the spectacular lounge area created a pleasant and inspiring experience for both the staff and Vainu’s customers.

    Design: Kokema Design
    Designer: Sabina Dontcheff
    Photography: Rosina Jeleva