Kemira Offices – Saint Petersburg

  • Client Kemira,
  • size 14,144 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Saint Petersburg, Russia,
  • Industry Professional Services,
  • DESIGNIC was tasked with the design of the Kemira offices, a chemical industry company, located in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

    Kemira is a global chemical company that introduces the latest water purification technologies, supplies chemicals for various industries. Kemira is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. Company have units operating in 40 countries and over 4800 employees globally. Request of the customer was to create an office that reflects the values and philosophy of the Finnish company as much as possible, but adjusted for the St. Petersburg location and Russian mentality.

    DESIGNIC has created an office that offers comfortable conditions for all employees. We offered to the client two options of the color palette: the working areas and meeting rooms have a more neutral color tone to promote concentration and lounge and common areas in contrasting deep shades. In lounge zone color accents are introduced with the bright items of minimalistic furniture and carpet tiles, and the canteen is finished with a glass partition to maintain the feeling of openness set out in the workspace of the office.

    One of the company’s top priorities is the comfort of employees. A separate workstation with an emphasis on acoustics – a small “office” has been created for each employee due to mobile solutions – a high pull out cabinet and acoustic desktop and floor partitions.

    Another focus throughout the design process was making sure the space fit the brand. The aesthetic and office layout should promote a motivating and identity-forming work environment for the employees. We actively used many images from the company’s photo Bank in the project, which reflect the values and guidelines. Corporate pattern was used for the decoration of walls and glass partitions. St. Petersburg office turned out to be warmer than the Finnish one, which was used as a example by developing of the concept. We created it not so white, intentionally using to a sandy-beige shade, but we deliberately added contrasting deep shades to show depth and saturation.

    Design: DESIGNIC
    Photography: Ivan Sorokin