Confidential Financial Company Offices – New York City

The hospitality-infused design for this confidential financial company's New York City office seeks to create a comfortable and welcoming environment for employees to deliver their best work.

Huntsman Architectural Group was tasked with the office design for a confidential financial company located in New York City, New York.

Having outgrown their previous location, this tech-focused global equity team desired a space for employees to thrive, while communicating the high caliber of their investment services to visiting international clients. The response is a hospitality-infused environment that uses a restrained palette and innovative lighting to create a variety of moods.

In open work areas, limited ceiling heights were cleverly addressed by encasing structural beams and adding up-lit ceiling coves to create the perception of height. Glass-front perimeter offices provide access to daylight, which, along with a choice of work settings, allows employees to consistently produce their best work.

A café is positioned as a central social hub and alternative workspace. A place to “eat, meet, and work” this area also serves to unite the team for all-hands meetings and events. The multifunctional environment reinforces a core value of the company – autonomy for investment teams to reflect their unique personality in the workspace.

Design: Huntsman Architectural Group
Photography: Garrett Rowland