Officina Biasol – Melbourne

Officina Biasol is a workplace that inspires the Biasol team, showcases their brand, embodies their design philosophy and supports their company culture in Melbourne.

  • Client Biasol,
  • size 2,368 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Melbourne, Australia,
  • Industry Architecture Firm,
  • Biasol created a space for their own firm and completed Officina Biasol for dynamic, collaborative work in Melbourne, Australia.

    Biasol has matured and evolved since being named IDEA’s Emerging Designer in 2017. We have developed a more sophisticated aesthetic and refined approach to design, as well as a large portfolio of residential and hospitality projects and a designed-and-made-in-Melbourne product collection. Officina Biasol reflects this evolution and embodies the qualities of our brand.

    Occupying level one of a former warehouse in Cremorne, Melbourne, Officina Biasol is an open and flexible workplace that supports design excellence and collaboration. It provides space for our team to grow, to work autonomously and collaboratively, and to host clients, suppliers and visitors. Workstations can be reconfigured; formal and informal meetings can take place in the board room or kitchen; and a lounge-like reading nook and worktable provide alternative settings for individual and collaborative work.

    Officina Biasol is a light-filled, open studio. Timber-framed glass partitions enclose the entrance, kitchen and board room, with clear glass allowing for transparency and connectivity, and reeded glass providing a level of privacy where required. The Biasol team greets guests in the kitchen, meeting informally around the communal bench and coffee bar. We lunch and host supplier presentations in the kitchen, which, like in a residential project, has purposefully placed elements for ease of use, and integrated and concealed appliances to reduce clutter.

    The rich palette of Officina Biasol reflects our love for materials, finishes and colour, and our bold, dynamic approach. Grey walls and light timber floors provide a calm backdrop that accentuates the strong, black lines and forms of dark furniture and joinery. Tan leather and velvet add warmth and tactility, and the bathrooms have subtle allure with deep burgundy and light pink walls. Biasol designed the timber cabinetry with steel shelving throughout the studio, providing display space for plants, awards, decorative objects, and storage for our library of materials and finishes. The cabinetry has seamless joins and soft curves, as do the marble kitchen benchtop and bathroom vanities, which are moody and graphic additions to the space.

    Officina Biasol is a place to showcase our Tre Mezzo and Tondo product collections, launched in 2019. Designed to meet the needs and requirements of the local market, the stools and mirrors are proudly made in Melbourne. Visitors can view our Tre Mezzo stools on display around the kitchen bench and throughout the studio, demonstrating the versatility of colour and material combinations, and the adaptability of the product.

    Officina Biasol is the physical realisation of the Biasol brand. It represents what Biasol stands for, our values and our evolving, refined and sophisticated approach to design.

    Design: Biasol
    Photography: Derek Swalwell