Cabinette Coworking Offices – Valencia

  • Client Cabinette,
  • size 2,152 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Valencia, Spain,
  • Industry Coworking,
  • Masquespacio designed the Cabinette coworking offices as a fun and creative work space for professionals in Valencia, Spain.

    Cabinette welcomes you. Discover the new coworking space in Valencia specialized in creative and artistic disciplines and located in a delicious environment to create, to work and to build ideas: designer furniture full of velvet and 60’s vibes inside, tranquility and green areas outside.

    A creative capsule designed by Masquespacio and inspired by the “sexy, lux and fun” concept that offers three meeting rooms, terrace, kitchen, phone-booths–a stimulating space to create new experiences.

    A coworking with a clear philosophy: stereotypes and cliches are not allowed. A place for those who run away from conventional spaces, for those who want to surround themselves with charisma and good and bright vibes, for those who seek to build ideas, for design lovers.

    Discover all the available options for being part of Cabinette: monthly, weekly and daily memberships, rentals for events. Cabinette means living between past and future, Cabinette is about transferring ideas and wisdom, Cabinette means building without limits.

    The design starts with the aim to create an environment that inspires persons that want to break with regular ideas and the traditional life. Thus, we can see in the main room how the picture frames and curtains are inverted to question the conventional and make the co-workers reflect about how we see ‘normal’ in our lives.

    On the other hand you can recognize a clear wink to the past with an interior that brings the 70’s with a retrofuturistic look to the present like if the visitor would enter a time machine to be transported to the future in a space that seeks to transmit a vibrant, joyful and unconventional energy.

    You can at the same time feel a touch of irony in the space that connects perfectly with the different furniture and lighting items from Houtique with the Wink lamps, Arco chairs and Déjà-Vu stool.

    Last but not least, a reference to the movie ‘Playtime’ is to be highlighted with its representation of Paris from the 60/70’s in which the main character at one point of the movie has a meeting in an office full of ‘Cabinettes’ that are presented like a labyrinth in which he get lost, ending up in an exhibition.

    Design: Masquespacio
    Photography: Luis Beltran