Confidential Client Offices – Bucharest

  • Client Unnamed Company,
  • size 24,757 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Bucharest, Romania,
  • Mobexpert Office recently was trusted with the design of a confidential client’s offices located in Bucharest, Romania.

    Mobexpert Office has created the office design for a company located in Bucharest, Romania, refurbish of the headquarters in Bucharest after 10 years since their previous relocation. The turn-key project was delivered with the client on site, fact that requested special care in delivering the constructive solutions.

    The client wished for a new office which implied improving both technical solutions in the space: acoustics, lights, ventilation put into work in a refreshing aesthetics, using the best of the natural light, assuring mobility in using the spaces and a particular warmth atmosphere.

    The specifics of the business division had to allow accommodating future expansion and to promote synergy amongst the colleagues. The client had also another special request regarding the individual head of divisions offices that needed to perform multiple tasks as: private meetings with the team, space for individual quiet working hours, frame for meetings with visitors in which presentations would be given and also relaxing breaks during the day which had to allow recharging the batteries.

    To accomplish the design goals, Mobexpert Office team collaborated closely with the client.

    So, the design team created 10 different by concept individual offices that had to comply with the main concept of the project. We studied the layout of the space and its inheritance of natural light and we were considerate to the attention to details. Thus, a totally different story was recreated 10 times and in the same time find its place together and separate.

    A special care was given in rethinking the shared areas where people could meet and enhance the social relation inside the office.

    Thus, areas with the purpose of lunch and coffee breaks were given a warm feeling holiday in Loire Valley. The lunch area has windows to the corridors and is fully equipped with appliances to encourage a healthy life like a fresh corner where employees are provided with fresh fruit drinks.

    Informal relaxing areas for reading, playing and socializing were well-balanced inside the office so anyone could join one au naturel.

    We created big screens of double – glazed partitions to benefit from the shine of the glass which together with the warmth of light wood embraced the exquisite carpet degrade pattern chosen to logical represent each working division inside the office.

    Natural oak and white furniture together with daylight lamps were used to achieve an open atmosphere. Surface decorated with moss successfully fit into the reception area emphasizing graphic symbols from the brand identity.

    The comfort of each was assured even by carefully choosing one of the Okamura’s task chairs recognised for high quality, design and engineering excellence.

    Design: Mobexpert Office
    Photography: Andrei Tudoran