GSoft Offices – Montreal

Skateboarding serves as a key theme in the design of GSoft's offices in Montreal, a space that invites the user into the exploration and discovery at the heart of the software solutions company.

  • Client GSoft,
  • size 70,000 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Montreal, Canada,
  • Industry Hardware / Software Development,
  • Linebox Studio was tasked with the design of the GSoft offices, the easy-to-use software solutions company, located in Montreal, Canada.

    GSoft’s DNA is made up of skateboarding. From the company’s start to today, it still rings true. And of course, we love that. Some of the things which arose when thinking about skateboarding and skate culture as a whole were the freedom to explore endless possibilities and the strong, passionate community which surrounds it. The design of the office space is done in a way which encourages exploration. There are a multiplicity of areas to discover and explore in GSoft’s new home.

    While we couldn’t provide truly endless possibilities, we’ve done our best to create unique ways to move around the office. The whole space is designed to be rideable and there are numerous ways to get from point A to point B. Perhaps you’ll find a hidden passage while traveling through the space. You’ll have to explore!

    Of course, what would skateboarding be without friends? What would GSoft be without their community? Nestled in the historic industrial neighbourhood of Pointe-Saint Charles, GSoft is proud to represent. Instead of leading right into the main office space, the main entrance leads to the main communal hall, open to the public for talks and presentations and even has a show kitchen for the talented chefs of Montreal.

    With GSoft’s new office in Montreal, we are trying to convey the joy that comes from exploration and the close bonds that are built within a tight knit community. Oh yeah, they’ve also got a half pipe. No big deal.

    Design: Linebox Studio
    Design Team: Josée Anne Pronovost, Renaud Balandras, Jelle De Roeck
    Contractor: JCB Construction Canada
    Photography: Claude-Simon Langlois