Confidential Law Firm Offices – Kiev

  • Client Unnamed Company,
  • size 1,292 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Kyiv, Ukraine,
  • Industry Law Firm / Legal Services,
  • ZA-ZA interior design completed the office design for a confidential law firm’s offices located in Kiev, Ukraine.

    ZA-ZA interior design has created interior for growing lawyer company. Free planning of the space gave possibility for increasing of number of working places.

    The office area is a single space, that has been divided by partition from blocks, shelving and metal constructions on the ceiling. These constructions were also made for uniform illumination of all work zones. Also, this division allows for subtle spatial distinction with also maintaining high level of transparency.

    The small kitchen was hidden between conference room and the restroom. For better isolation of distinct areas concrete blocks were combined with graphite-colored glass partition on the kitchen side.

    Most of used material, such as metal, blocks or glass, were submitted in their natural form. Because of streaming light through holes on perforation, these elements create geometric ornaments, lines and dots on smooth surfaces of the floor and walls.

    Soft gray tone with black and white furniture elements was chosen for the main work area. Monochrome color palette with abundance of plants gives calm atmosphere for everyday working. Red and blue bright spots of restroom area diversify monochrome color scheme. Combination of glass, metal and rough concrete adds different textures to the interior.

    Design: ZA-ZA interior design
    Design Team: Oleg Hubanishchev, Maria Nevedomska
    Photography: Max Artbovich