51WORLD Offices – Shanghai

  • Client 51WORLD,
  • size 21,527 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Shanghai, China,
  • Industry Technology,
  • XWXZ Interior & Architecture designed the technology-infused space for the 51WORLD offices located in Shanghai, China.

    51WORLD is an digital twin platform company. The company is committed to creating a real, complete and enduring Digital Twin World. Based on the original All Element Scene (AES), 51WORLD integrates physical simulation, industrial simulation, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other technologies to establish a digital twin application ecosystem, assist governments and enterprises to carry out the transition to new-era digitalization, and promote digital twin to become a new basic infrastructures. The company brings value to clients through a set of exclusive, self-developed industries solutions.

    How to flexibly switch between several different application scenarios such as R&D, testing, display and release has become the most worthy of consideration in this design.

    The conceive of the front area is the application space for the reception, display, and release. It is used as a reception desk daily. When the government and firm come to visit and inspect, it becomes a product display area. A large conference room is set behind the front desk to facilitate the rapid holding of external meetings. When used as a release function, the front desk transferred into a pantry and booth seating which could accommodate at least 50 people.

    The DEMO Area tends to be used for daily product testing, live broadcast and brainstorming functions.

    The conference intensive area adopts the current internationally popular ABW mode, which is suitable for both dynamic and static. Space planning takes agility and mobility as key demands. It is set in the middle of the building with independent entrance, which provides convenience for external meetings, at the same time isolates the interference to the office area and protects the company’s privacy.

    The open work station area fully embraces the use of the smallest partition in an open layout and makes full use of the lighting advantages of the building itself. Set up a single passage along the window to improve office efficiency while avoiding direct sunlight. Standing office areas are set up along the core tube, which reflects the company’s care for the physical and mental health of employees from the details.

    Design: XWXZ Interior & Architecture
    Photography: Shengyang Li