XWXZ Interior & Architecture

XWXZ was founded by Mr. Robert Wang , it is an interior & architectural design firm based in Shanghai. The firm takes overall urban planning, urban renewal, and old district remodeling as the main research line, respects the history of the building and the culture of the city, and strives to create a sustainable urban space. At the same time, on the basis of respecting customers’ ideas, we incorporate unique creativity; while pursuing excellence, we strive to make every project a boutique. We hope to use our unique understanding ability and professional design ability to help customers’ brands and projects in the space application design and functional use upgrade. We not only focus on the design sense of the project space, but also focus on providing space solutions and passing space.

The team design members come from Shanghai, Beijing, New York, London and other places. The current design projects cover multiple categories such as architectural design, interior design, furniture design and UI design. The projects are distributed in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, New Zealand and other places.

Location: Beijing, China | Shanghai, China
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