Energr + Coworking Offices – Beijing

  • Client Energr +,
  • size 19,375 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Beijing, China,
  • Industry Coworking,
  • XWXZ Design completed the Energr + Coworking offices with dynamic work areas and warm materials in Beijing, China.

    The task of XWXZ is to re-create a space for the abandoned swimming pool on the 5F of Beijing Jintai Building. After the first site survey, we noticed that the dismantled space should have a large height difference with the outdoor platform. In such a space which with a huge vertical drop, we might as well be bold and simulate a “miniature city” with bridges, stairs, “houses” and urban landscapes.

    We place the most common element which is “house” in the city in the center of the space, and use a platform to connect between “houses”. The windows on the outer wall allow people in the room to interact, and the relationship between “people and windows” simulates the most familiar scenery in the city.

    Stairs have become an important form of connection to the “house”. We have adopted a combination of spiral staircases and large showcase to make the space more hierarchical. A “bridge” connects the meeting area on the left, and the mezzanine forms an independent C-shaped circulation . The white sand under the bridge simulates the landscape form of water.

    Design: XWXZ Design
    Photography: courtesy of XWXZ