Confidential Client Offices – Brisbane

Set in the heart of Brisbane’s legal precinct, this full-floor speculative suite for a private company makes an immediate impact on its beholder.

  • Client Unnamed Company,
  • size 8,826 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Brisbane, Australia,
  • Archway Commercial Interiors instilled a sense of moody elegance in the design of this confidential client’s offices located in Brisbane, Australia.

    In the waiting lounge, there is a sense of moody elegance. Dark timber wall panelling provides a backdrop for striking marble detailing and the entire entrance is cloaked in a reflective shroud. As you move through the space, the breakout space comes alive with illumination. Round pendant lights hang from the ceiling in three separate lines which are reflected by the black glass that sits behind the bench seats. Playful elements including a dart board can be found to encourage social interaction between staff members.

    Spread across a full floor, the space has multiple options for different ways of working. The suite includes collaboration zones, offices and a variety of meeting rooms. The breakout space is open and sizeable, allowing for all-hands on, town-hall style meetings. A warm palette is evident throughout, with dark stone, feature wallpaper and brass accents. Overall, this space provides occupants with a contemporary and sophisticated workspace where they can interact and work productively.

    Design: Archway Commercial Interiors
    Photography: Sarah Kirkpatrick