Scenario Architecture Offices – London

  • Client Scenario Architecture,
  • size 1,292 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location United Kingdom, London, England,
  • Industry Architecture Firm,
  • Scenario Architecture acted as client and designer when creating their new office overlooking the Regent’s Canal in London, England.

    Our new home overlooks the historic Regent’s Canal, which runs from Limehouse in the East to Paddington in the West.

    The large double height unit enjoys extensive views and access to a lovely canal side terrace, this is shared with creative professionals from the neighbouring self-contained units as well as local narrow boat owners.

    Acting as both client and architect, we decided to present ourselves with a brief laden with contradictory requirements and see what solution would emerge through the same Scenario based journey that our clients take.

    The challenge was to provide the ample space needed to allow the continued sustainable growth of our practice while still producing a dynamic, fluid and flexible work environment. In order to achieve this, we combined unusual layouts with the innovative use of materials and products.

    The required floor space is produced via the insertion of a tailored upper level that exploits the existing volume to the maximum extent possible without compromising the existing spatial characteristics. This was achieved by splitting the upper level into two and strategically locating the narrower, private spaces to each side, leaving the central section open to both the open plan space below and the canal beyond.

    To strike the right balance between openness and privacy we developed a bespoke partitioning system that combines sustainably sourced plywood and 100% recyclable polycarbonate. This fluctuates between full and half height partitions, depending on the requirements of the area enclosed.

    Design: Scenario Architecture
    Photography: Matt Clayton