Uppercut Offices – Atlanta

The design of Uppercut's offices communicates the metaphorical journey of film, an upbeat and dynamic space to establish the video editing company's presence within the booming film industry in Atlanta.

  • Client Uppercut,
  • size 10,000 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Atlanta, Georgia, United States,
  • Industry Film / Media / Publishing,
  • Gensler modeled the design of the Uppercut offices off of the same techniques that take place in the company’s videography editing process for their space in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Uppercut Atlanta sets the stage for the company’s second location in a Gensler-designed space uniquely modeled to take visitors on a metaphorical journey through film.

    It’s no secret that the film industry is booming in the state of Georgia. Uppercut, a video and film editing company based in New York City, has had its finger on the pulse of this development since coming on the scene. Seeking to meet some of its existing clients where they are and establish itself as Georgia’s premier company for its type of in-house film editing, Uppercut decided to put down stakes in Atlanta by opening up a new creative studio.

    Playful yet experienced, fun yet full of gravitas, Uppercut’s new space is a sophisticated chiaroscuro with a design language at once luxurious, energetic, and unexpected. This blend embodies the Uppercut persona, simultaneously the new kid on the block in Atlanta and the well-established creative in its home base of New York. But it also plays a key functional role: Uppercut and its clients often spend days or weeks at a time camped out in the studio, working together on projects. So, as Uppercut plays host, a hospitality-inspired atmosphere is key. Replete with elevated materials, finishes, and textures, the space makes their clients feel truly special. Ample kitchen and social zones support food and beverage service to guests for welcoming vibes all day.

    The design is an extended metaphor for Uppercut’s editing expertise, taking cues from classic filmmaking techniques such as the cutaway, the fade-in, and cross-cutting scenes to orchestrate the spatial organization of the studio. Transitions from room to room manifest as cuts from one scene to the next — sometimes drastic alterations and at other times familiar themes reintroduced through the creative use of finishes and lighting. In the editing suites, bold carpet tiles reference the process as a metaphorical nod to the creative content “left on the cutting room floor.” Optimized lighting within these rooms uses glare-free fixtures and avoids direct downlighting to set the stage for seamless editing.

    The guest experience was designed to feel like a viewer’s journey through a feature film. Upon entry, a patterned millwork wall speaks to the layering intrinsic to filmmaking, with its rhythm of vertical bars indicating timing, cuts, and audio overlays. Within the paneling are small nooks where Uppercut displays eclectic artifacts and conversation starters. Beyond the concierge, a vibrant mural by a New York artist is a visually intriguing rendition of Uppercut’s logo and incorporates hidden icons that reference both Atlanta and New York. Just around the corner is a reception lounge that connects to a lively hub for social interaction and hosting community events.

    The architectural strategy integrates a private rear entryway for Uppercut’s celebrity clients and guest editors, who can even rent animation studios with increased security features for confidential work. Fittingly, at the center of the studio is a movie theater for test screenings, where the abstract theme becomes concrete. A careful balance between hospitality and workplace, form and function, New York and Atlanta, Uppercut’s new studio captures the essence of design as storytelling.

    Design: Gensler
    Photography: Katie Bricker