Muse Barstool

from Davis Furniture

Muse Barstool by jehs+laub is a stylishly sculptural barstool that projects modern elegance. The silhouette embraces the body, mimicking the lounge chair of the same name. The 3D plywood shell creates a timeless and uniquely simple design with flowing lines and a sculptural aesthetic. Ideal for commercial interiors, this classic piece with a modern twist is centered on providing optimum comfort with a relaxed, residential feel. Muse offers two distinct base designs, each with their own exceptional style. The wood base fosters a natural aesthetic, highlighting the warmth of Muse’s design. The sled base is slender and minimal with a more modern aesthetic, adding a hint of contemporary lightness to a space.

Designed by Jehs+Laub

Muse Barstool by Davis Furniture