Confidential Client Offices – Herzliya

  • Client Unnamed Company,
  • size 8,073 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Herzliya, Israel,
  • Meital Salomon and Limor Hekmat Schory created a thoughtful and unique office space with stunning views of Herzliya, Israel.

    This project was born during the Covid year when most things stood still. Located in Herzliya, this uniquely designed office space for a real estate company. The location is breathtaking, situated on one of the highest floors of a newly built tower, covering 750 square meters and offering a fantastic view of the Mediterranean Sea.

    The very core of the project reflects the company’s story and dynamics. The main functional areas of work and storage play a central role in creating a marked distinction and affording an atmosphere of privacy for the entrance and waiting for hall areas while optimizing flow and mobility.

    The circular/elliptical flow recreates the space into regions, producing a different and meticulous experience on each of them while allowing a sea view from almost every single area in the office.

    Design: Meital Salomon and Limor Hekmat Schory
    Contractor: Tidhar Finals
    Photography: Shai Gil