Confidential Client Offices – Shanghai

  • Client Unnamed Financial Company,
  • size 17,319 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Shanghai, China,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • TDA took on the task of outfitting the space for a confidential client’s office in Shanghai, China.

    The design of this office was inspired by the shape of the mountain and the spatial characteristics of the financial industry. The texture and shape of the mountain endow the office space with a peaceful, luxurious, and noble atmosphere. The financial K-line charts are scattered in space, not only expressing a beautiful vision for the future but also echoing the image of mountains. The combination of dynamic and static in the entire space fully demonstrates the enterprise spirit and investment philosophy of “open collaboration and mutual empowerment” in the project space.

    Based on the data research of various industries, the NEXT team of NOVAH has compared and analyzed the data of the office space in the financial industry. Help companies plan the existing office space function ratio so that employees can more freely make choices between collaboration and personal focus. Multiple spaces can bring diverse talents together and work towards the same goal.

    Design: TDA
    Photography: courtesy of NOVAH