Confidential Financial Services Client Offices – Los Angeles

With careful consideration of employee's needs, the new office for a confidential financial services client paves the way towards a promising future for the company's Los Angeles location.

  • Client Unnamed Financial Company,
  • size 45,000 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Los Angeles, California, United States,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • HED was tasked with creating a space for a confidential financial services client with dynamic work needs in Los Angeles, California.

    When this confidential financial services client was relocating their downtown Los Angeles office to better accommodate their current and future workflow, they selected HED to assist them in selecting the perfect location and designing it to fit their culture. To design the perfect new space HED took into consideration the needs of employees at each level of the company, researching how the current co-working spaces were operating and how they could be improved to provide seamless productivity and ultimately advance the business. With enormous focus on the client’s core values and their client service processes, the design also considered how their clients’ experiences may be amplified.

    From visioning sessions to design workshops, the client was deeply engaged in the design process. This input informed the HED team’s decisions on everything from programming to materials, creating a fully customized design solution tailored to the client’s culture, values, and workflow.

    Design: HED
    Photography: Benny Chan