LendingTree Offices – Charlotte

Designed as a house-like structure, LendingTree's Charlotte office utilizes natural light and raw materials to reflect the company's roots in the home mortgage industry.

  • Client LendingTree,
  • size 176,000 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Charlotte, North Carolina, United States,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • Redline Design Group completed the multi-floor and multi-functional space for LendingTree‘s offices in Charlotte, North Carolina.

    LendingTree’s Town Hall space for all-staff meetings includes a custom wood pergola feature overhead and a connection to the work café below. The custom leather wrapped handrails, cascading plants along the window wall, and rocking chairs on the terrace help to establish the company’s culture with southern roots. Integrated lamps, custom planters, textural area rugs with living-room like furniture, and leaf logo shaped swings hanging above a wood platform create an inviting, comfortable vibe.

    In the lobby area, the custom designed wood and felt ceiling feature relates to the structure of a leaf, and subtly links to the company’s brand. Natural woven light fixtures create a canopy above casual meeting areas throughout the space. “Treehouse” areas on each floor break up the work environment and encourage alternate spaces to meet and work. The house-like structure and window elements tie back to LendingTree’s roots in the home mortgage industry.

    A monumental stair provides a vertical connection, central to the overall workplace. An upholstered niche is carved out beneath the stair, which provides an unexpected destination for casual work. The textured drapery spanning both floors, and the large-scale check pattern wallcovering add warmth to the voluminous space and supports their culture of comfortability and collaboration.

    Design: Redline Design Group
    Design Team: Brooks Runkle, Graham Rabon, Ryne Hawkins, Amy Taylor, Rebecca Holthoff
    Client Liaison: Kelley Vieregg
    Contractor: Shelco
    Photography: Brie Williams