GPD Agency Offices – Poznań

  • Client GPD,
  • size 14,650 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Poznan, Poland,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing,
  • BIDERMANN+WIDE utilized bold colors and distinct spaces for a dynamic work environment at the GPD Agency offices in Poznań, Poland.

    In 2019 GPD, one of the largest advertising agencies in Poland has chosen us to create a headquarters design. Designing for the advertising industry is a task we undertook with great enthusiasm.

    The challenge: to create a space that is a platform for the exchange of ideas and collaboration between many creative people. The biggest challenge was to plan workplaces for nearly 180 people in the 1361m² space along with a number of additional functions such as: a large conference room, meeting rooms, hot desk space, cinema, kitchen, art gallery.

    Social space
    In planning the function, the building was “cut” into two halves in which two independent open spaces were designed. Each of them allows flexible division through mobile multifunctional furniture/partitions. The central axis is the entrance lobby, cinema and creative zone, places for meetings and exchange of ideas.

    The key was to plan the floor plan in such a way as to create comfortable workplaces while at the same time leaving open communication around the entire company, facilitating “accidental collisions” between employees.

    As a company, we strive to ensure that every project we run is the result of the most sustainable and responsible process possible.

    The project for GPD was unique for us, as it was the first time we decided to collect and analyse all the environmentally friendly solutions we had applied to the interiors upon completion.

    The first important decision was to preserve the original wooden floor located in the building and restore its shine, instead of proposing a new floor covering.

    Using the WELL building certification system as a set of good practices, we decided to provide fresh drinking tap water to staff in appropriate places. In the spirit of biophilic design, we designed numerous pots for live plants to purify the air and reduce stress for users of the space.

    Design Team: Maciej Bidermann, Marta Fibich, Maria Urbaniak
    Contractor: Creart
    Furniture Dealer: Interior Group
    Photography: Hanna Połczyńska | Kroniki Studio