Leading Music Entertainment Group Offices – Shenzhen

Leading Music Entertainment Group reflected their commitment to creating endless opportunities at their Shenzhen office, a space dedicated to work performance, social life, entertainment and coworking.

  • Client Leading Music Entertainment Group,
  • size 280,066 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Shenzhen, China,
  • Industry Entertainment,
  • M Moser Associates used music as inspiration to design a playful headquarters for Leading Music Entertainment Group’s offices in Shenzhen, China.

    Leading Music Entertainment Group (LMEG), is a top provider of Chinese online music and audio entertainment services. It’s committed to creating endless opportunities with music. Therefore, we developed a workspace that combines work performance, social life, entertainment and co-working. As a composer creates a symphony, we translated musical narrative into a design language.

    A place where music creation thrives
    Through the “In the Groove” design concept, we developed four work settings inspired by music that are tailored for different types of work:

    Rhythm – Work at your own rhythm
    Harmony – Communicate and collaborate through coworking
    Dynamic – Be inspired by brainstorming and socialising
    Silence – Stay focused in a quiet place
    In contrast to the enclosed spaces of the old office, the new office space is a flexible and open-plan area to support innovation. This celebrates key elements of LMEG’s identity – entertainment, culture and network.

    The “Community” culture held by LMEG is well-supported by different zones. There are the Independent Work Zones and the Open and Semi-closed Co-working Zones. Various-sized conference rooms and training classrooms are also dynamic spaces for exchange. Each floor has an Open zone for brainstorming sessions and relaxing chats.

    Additionally, all necessary facilities are available onsite. There are rooms for live streaming, makeup, broadcasting and recording. A palette of materials supports acoustic comfort and improves the overall audio experience.

    An immersive brand experience with rich musical inspiration
    The groove is everywhere. We created an immersive employee experience, converting musical language into various design elements. These were then seamlessly applied across the workspace.

    Using graphic design, we added music band elements that align with LMEG’s brand. On the wall, dancing notes meet drumbeats, forming an inspiring atmosphere that connects employees. The logo wall in the elevator room and brand logos throughout the space create a united brand experience.

    The adage “Music is fluid architecture; Architecture is solid music” applies to the interior design. Subtle grooves are in every detail. From one space to another, curved lighting fixtures encourage intentional discovery. Geometric patterns on the carpet form melodies when combined with dot line shape fixtures. The brand panel includes piano wires as an additional musical touch.

    Through various LMEG Apps, technology plays a key role in the workplace journey. In the interactive zone near the reception people can activate screen content through speech or gestures. This offers a truly immersive 3D sensory experience.

    A workplace that supports balance and wellness
    To motivate continuous innovation and encourage fun, we added a range of leisure spaces. From a solo/band performance in the open workspace, to a karaoke contest in the KTV room or yoga in the multifunctional space. With this flexibility, employees can find the ideal place to work or rest.

    In collaboration with LMEG, we fused musical elements into the design while focusing on high-quality brand culture. We addressed their goals by designing diverse work options to inspire music creators. LMEG is now a landmark for young and talented people in Shenzhen.

    Design: M Moser Associates
    Photography: Edward Shi, Sean