Private Bank VIP Client Office – Minsk

  • Client Unnamed Financial Company,
  • size 2,260 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Minsk, Belarus,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • Interior Design Buro by Alena Bulataya was tasked with creating a sophisticated and comfortable space for a private bank’s VIP client office in Minsk, Belarus.

    The main idea is to make a minimalistic, strict, but at the same time comfortable space, in which each guest would feel an atmosphere of trust, calmness and safety.

    The interior, devoid of decoration and ornamentation, is striking in its simplicity and elegance. All ceilings are painted black, which effectively accentuates the metallic effects on the walls and blends beautifully with the poured flooring. All walls are painted in nude with a light silk effect.

    The space of more than 210 square meters was divided into zones. Almost half of this area was given to the guest area, which includes a common waiting room, a reception area, and a guest bathroom. The rest of the area was divided among three meeting rooms, a directors’ office, a back office and a kitchenette for staff and a bathroom.

    The geometry of this area is built on several circles arranged one after the other along the same axis. The first circle has a reception area, the other two have waiting areas for guests. The guest circular areas are surrounded by textiles which can cover the whole area or, on the contrary, open in the desired direction. This dynamism is implemented thanks to the scenario management. In the guest common area, right from the entrance, the bank’s client is greeted by a reception area, behind which there is a specialist who welcomes and redirects each guest to a waiting area or one of the meeting rooms.

    The doors are ceiling-high. Most of them blend in with the walls. The doors of the meeting rooms are made of etched translucent glass combined with embossed glass, behind which you can see from the common area whether the meeting room is occupied or not, but you can’t see who is inside. This keeps those in the negotiation area from being disturbed. In the common area is a unique sculpture, which has become a symbol of the bank and is duplicated in miniature in other areas.

    One of the walls and ceiling are lined with wavy metallized tile with a mirrored effect. The black plumbing, washbasin, and poured floor are the perfect backdrop for the reflective metallic surfaces.

    Each meeting room has virtually leveled walls because of the textiles that form a semicircle. The atmosphere of the meeting rooms is designed so that nothing distracts from discussing important issues. The same nude walls as in the common area, textiles of the same shade and strict black matte tone of the furniture.

    Design: Interior Design Buro by Alena Bulataya
    Photography: Sergei Pilipovich