Impact Acoustic Offices – Lucerne

Impact Acoustic explored the endless possibilities of their products by implementing color, shapes, and biophilia to realize a cheerful aesthetic in their part office, part showroom in Lucerne.

  • Client Impact Acoustic,
  • size 3,229 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Lucerne, Switzerland,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • Impact Acoustic‘s design team produced a space that showcases the premier craftsmanship and functionality of their products at their offices in Lucerne, Switzerland.

    Impact Acoustic manufacturers at the same location in the heart of Switzerland. The interior design was personally created and put together by Chief Designer Jeffrey Ibanez. The combinations of colours and shapes give the space a biophilic yet cheerful appearance.

    The spaces highlight the strengths of the Archisonic collection. The colour palette developed in collaboration with Colour Hive ensures that all colour combinations work brilliantly together, challenging to the extreme by mixing them together in seemingly endless combinations.

    Arguably, the star of the project is the dark blue acoustic baffle ceiling. Perfectly matched the space with the help of computer-aided design and gives the room a character all of its own. The playful waveforms give the room a grace that cannot be matched. Despite the dark colour choice, the space is not oppressing, rather, feels like being under a clear night sky at dusk.

    The product’s collaborators from Impact Acoustic, Visplay and Vitra, have also found a prominent place in the space. The Vitra Comma System was equipped with Hot Pink acoustic screens, and even the coat hangers on the shelves are made of ARCHISONIC material.

    The luminaires with integrated acoustic sails create the basic prerequisite for concentrated work. The luminaire insert is positioned in such a way that the luminaire does not dazzle you but excellently illuminates every workstation. To create additional privacy, acoustic room dividers hang next to each workstation combination.

    Impact Acoustic recycles PET bottles into functional, aesthetic, and sustainable acoustic solutions, from ceiling elements, wall cladding, acoustic partitions, and furniture. ARCHISONIC® is developed by Impact Acoustic and made of upcycled PET bottles. For more details, visit

    Design: Impact Acoustic Design Team
    Lead Designer: Jeffrey Ibanez
    Photography: Eduardo Perez