Metricon Homes Offices – Geelong

  • Client Metricon Homes,
  • size 14,531 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Geelong, Australia,
  • Industry Construction / Engineering,
  • Cunsolo Architects reflected the craftsmanship of Metricon Homes in the design of their offices located in Geelong, Australia.

    Cunsolo Architects continued the strong partnership with Metricon Homes, with the delivery of the new Geelong StudioM & Office.

    Key Architectural elements such as the stunning reflective arches, and sensory break ‘transition zone’, help make this space a sanctuary for customers on their new home journey. With product display being at the core of the Studio, our intent for the surrounding elements was to compliment and make these units more impactful.

    On L1, the staff have embraced their new space, which was re-designed mid way through the pandemic. This resulted in a larger, and more playful breakout space, as well as more activated collaborative and informal meeting areas.

    Our design intent for this office was to create a residential feel, lounge settings in meeting areas, dining style boardroom chairs & relaxed meeting settings help achieve this.

    The team were quick to embrace their new space, which is easily flexible between work/play & entertain settings. It has already seen them cement their dominance in the local area as market leaders in the housing industry.

    Design: Cunsolo Architects
    Photography: Geoff Hutchinson