Spot Studio Offices – Barcelona

  • Client Spot Studio,
  • size 2,368 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Barcelona, Spain,
  • Industry Design,
  • Spot Studio completed a space for their own company that would honor the work they do and inspire their employees in Barcelona, Spain.

    Barcelona-based creative studio Spot Studio unveils its new office, in Poble Nou district, Designed by Nicolás Cañellas and dressed by German furniture design brand Loehr, it features a unique approach to creating a workspace, where simplicity and openness are the key elements for daily inspiration.

    Seeking a deep exploration of shape, space, and functionality; Loehr and Spot Studio united in collaboration to create a space where the workplace is rethought as a concept, prioritizing interactions and multi-functionality. The end result is a space where one can appreciate how elementary, yet graphical, the construction of an office can be.

    What makes Loehr’s pieces unique is the way they are manufactured to create holistic, meaningful, and sustainable spaces for work and living. In the case of Spot Studio, this contributed to building a flexible and fluid workspace.

    The connection between our environments, our emotions, and our productivity has become increasingly clear in recent years and the awareness of this relationship is what stands out the most as you step into Spot’s headquarters.

    Design: Spot Studio
    Lead Designer: Nicolas Cañelas
    Photography: Enric Badrinas