Troquer Offices – Mexico City

  • Client Troquer,
  • size 3,369 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Mexico City, Mexico,
  • Industry Fashion / Beauty,
  • ASHO MX utilized bright color backdrops and functional yet playful furniture for the Troquer offices in Mexico City, Mexico.

    This project is made up of 313m2, distributed in various areas: Reception, meeting room, administration and finance area, marketing area, systems area, operation area, telephone booths, creative area, kitchen, warehouse and bathrooms.

    The main design proposal of this project is based on the idea of ​​generating open spaces in order to create integration and physical interaction between the different areas of the company, thus creating a dynamic and proactive work community.

    Starting from the organization chart of the company, spatial hierarchies were established, through the location, degree of privacy and treatment of each of the spaces. Materials with acoustic insulation, such as curtains and ceiling panels, were used in order to provide privacy and good acoustics in the spaces that required these conditions. The areas that were considered public and with the greatest interaction were raised in an open way; glass was used for the private areas, creating small “fishbowls” for more private meetings and for company directors.

    The selection of materials and colors was selected together with the clients to create a unique and powerful identity that reflects the values ​​of the company and at the same time creates a warm and feminine atmosphere. The color Rosa reflects femininity and the joy of the community. The green colors speak to us of renewal and balance, which reflect the ideals of this company. The black color was used to generate contrast in space.

    The heart of the project is an open, very colorful area intended for casual encounters between users, in order to reinforce the core values ​​of the company.

    Design: ASHO MX
    Photography: Aldo Gracia