MatrixElements Offices – Shanghai

  • Client MatrixElements,
  • size 16,146 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Shanghai, China,
  • Industry Spec Suite,
  • RDP Creations used natural light and light colors against a white backdrop to design the MatrixElements offices in Shanghai, China.

    The West Bund of Shanghai is a place of hope in full bloom of rational and aesthetic flowers; A dream highland carrying people’s beautiful imagination. There are the West Bund Museum representing art and the AI tower condensing the colorful science and technology. The collision and blending of aesthetics and science create exciting sparks.

    The MatrixElements project, located in the AI tower on the West Bank of Xuhui, Shanghai, is not only an overlapping collision of aesthetics and rationality, but also a spatial practice in the ideological dimension.

    The whole entrance space is outlined in a flowing line , the flexible ceiling shape is complete and smooth, and the ground collage is matched with the ceiling curve. The large-area French windows give the space a bright and transparent sensory experience, the matching of terrazzo ground and glass , and the light of different colors interlace the beauty between virtual and real.

    The intersection of black and white and the orderly extension of the sequence. The solemn, clean and concise atmosphere will be displayed one by one in front of people. The accurate grasp of the spatial spirit, such as every series and every note that can not be mistaken in science and music art, is the embodiment of the rigorous attitude of scientists and the serious spirit of pursuing art.

    The solid form of matrix space is created by cutting space with blocks and the evolution and stacking of geometric modeling. White, gray and bright yellow are full of them, which are scattered in the space at will. It seems that they are inadvertently stacked, but it is an ornament that can not be ignored in the space.

    In the cooperation with MatrixElements, the designer has found a design technique to balance aesthetics and science, and the rigorous research and judgment spirit shows the tension in aesthetics, which collides with a future imagination space in the modern context, a matrix field with independent style and sharing different horizons.

    Design: RDP Creations
    Designer: Peggy Liao
    Furniture Dealer: Kokuyo, TRIUMPH
    Photography: Chen Yang