Cimet Arquitectos Offices – Mexico City

  • Client Cimet Arquitectos,
  • size 10,764 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Mexico City, Mexico,
  • Industry Architecture Firm,
  • Cimet Arquitectos completed their own office as a dynamic and multi-functional workspace in Mexico City, Mexico.

    CIMET is consortium dedicated to Architecture, Construction & Real Estate development its Headquarters occupies the 2 topmost levels plus roofgarden of the Torre Glorieta Cibeles located in Mexico city.

    The design of the space takes into account the necessity of these diverse activities, departments & their relationship striving to create harmonious, comfortable spaces where all members can feel inspired to create, solve, perform & unfold best; a key objective was to make everyone feel at home, to achieve this a combination of specific light, material & spatial combination was employed

    The connection to the exterior is given special emphasis due to the spectacular 360° views, framing them & relying heavily on natural light through·out the day. Artificial lighting is thoughtfully designed to be effective as well as ornamental enhancing the quality of all spaces. Efficiency & sustainability are core principles; all lighting & shading are controlled by a smart system with censoring achieving important energy savings.

    A rich sober palette of materials reminiscent of nature is employed on different elements; the almost liquid quality of Grigio marble was used to wrap the sculptural staircase that connects all 3 levels that together with a patterned multi-perforated stainless steel screen evoque a waterfall that tie up all spaces; the warm earthy tones of high grain walnut wood where used on the ceilings, wall veneers & furniture; rich heavy grained granite cover the columns & reception desk; black glass laminates & marble furniture play with light; all contrasting with a polished concrete industrial looking floor. These features denote a fundamental attention to detail, creating a unique atmosphere that provides a sense of stimulation within the workspace combined together with art to provide a sense of elegance & sophistication.

    Spatially the project strived to create a new hybrid that balances & accommodates all desired qualities of the flexible open workspace together with the very much needed quiet & concentrated private space, as well as the public social & leisure spaces; promoting effective team work, communication, a comfortable environment and staff well-being, introducing a range of options to work more freely.

    To such effect spaces are divided into 3, the public with different sized meeting rooms, recreation space with kitchen & ping pong table; a general wing with clusters of semiprivate workstations that enjoy central open discussion spaces; the private has offices that double as collaborative & meeting spaces. Finally, at the top a surprisingly unimaginable roof top where a central lounge opens up completely on all directions to a meditative ambulatory space, a oasis of native vegetation that creates a pleasant microclimate coupled with an enviable view & waterfall. The internal space can be configured in many ways, from daily tranquility and relaxation seeking to multipurpose presentation or celebratory environment.

    CIMET Headquarters demonstrates that office spaces are fundamental to the functioning of companies, that unique and innovative spaces have significant impact in the performance & output as well as of the life quality of humans behind them & for whom they themselves work for.

    Design: Cimet Arquitectos
    Design Team: Sholem Cimet, Yoram Cimet
    Photography: Jaime Navarro, Luis Gallardo