Evolution for Animal Health (EVAH) Offices – Montreal

  • Client Evolution for Animal Health,
  • size 1,600 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Montreal, Canada,
  • Industry Healthcare, Technology,
  • Linebox Studio delivered a bold, yet welcoming environment for the Evolution for Animal Health (EVAH) offices in Montreal, Canada.

    EVAH Corp is a Canadian biotechnology company focused on the development of technologies in the field of animal health. Their mission is to find better ways to feed the planet, to meet the needs of consumers who want protein without antibiotics, and to improve the sustainability of food by encouraging innovation. A large part of their research work is carried out in their laboratories in Saint-Hyacinthe. We wanted to transcribe part of this universe through the design of their new office in Montreal. We identified codes of the laboratory world and reworked them to combine them with a contemporary design, taking care to integrate everything into the design of the existing building. The result is a contrast and a mix between the old and the new. A mix between the raw side of the century-old industrial building and the smooth and refined appearance found in scientific laboratories. All with a retro and vibrant touch.

    Being a project carried out in the middle of the Covid period, we had to adapt and deal with the availability of the moment. In normal times, we tend to favor local products and actors, but this was an absolute necessity. The competition between the comfort of working at home and the workplace is a real new challenge. Bringing teams back to the office is the leitmotif of 2022. Create a space that no longer looks like a workspace but a destination, a meeting place. After more than 2 years of remote work, employees have adapted to their new space and new work rhythm. Now that we tend to return to normal, some find it difficult to leave the comfort of working at home. Remote work and face-to-face are now in competition. It’s not always easy to convince your teams to go back to good old habits, especially when you can save the time lost commuting every day and enjoy the comfort of being at home.

    Design: Linebox Studio
    Contractor: Manovra
    Photography: Alex Lesage