SGBrokers Offices – Valencia

Located in a remarkable building in Valencia’s town hall square, the design for the new head office of SGBrokers, aims to transfer the company's culture on to the physical space.

  • Client SGBrokers,
  • Year 2022
  • Location Valencia, Spain,
  • Industry Technology,
  • MOIZ was tasked with designing the SGBrokers offices to create a welcoming and functional space for team members in Valencia, Spain.

    A local firm that defines itself as a company of consulting, insurance mediation and financial strategy with the purpose to grant the best customer service to its clients outstanding for its closeness and honesty.

    The challenge of the project is to create a multipurpose space designed to serve mainly as a workplace but allowing other activities to take place: attend clients, hold training sessions, celebrate networking events or having more private meetings with clients. A space which aims at the same time to provide all the different users of the space to feel like home.

    The floor plan has a rectangular form of small area but has a high potential thanks to the length of its facade which offers an abundance of natural light through 5 balconies overlooking the city views.

    The space is organised locating a flexible workspace next to the natural light and creating an element along all the length of the space in the interior designed ad hoc where all the complementary services are placed. The restroom and kitchenet divide the whole space in two areas, a bigger one for the workplace and training and the smaller one for private meetings reminding a home living room.

    The material palette aims to provide the space for the new offices with a sense of warmth and cosiness by using natural oak wood. The floor tiles used in the project give the space some freshness and are a hint to the building’s original flooring. The corporate identity is introduced in the space through the colours of the textiles, furniture and tiles.

    Design: MOIZ
    Photography: David Zarzoso