Ocean Network Express (ONE) Offices – Singapore

  • Client Ocean Network Express,
  • size 15,715 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Singapore,
  • Industry Transportation,
  • ID21 worked with Ocean Network Express (ONE) to design an office to capture the company’s vision and values in Singapore.

    With its global headquarters in Singapore, Ocean Network Express (ONE) is the world’s seventh largest container carrier with an international network of over 130 services to some 120 countries. Designed and conceptualised as an educational, interactive and collaborative space for green initiatives, ONE’s new workplace – aptly named ONE Green Office – now houses their global Green Strategy Department and South Asia regional headquarters.

    Paying homage to the company’s core businesses and brand attributes, the reception features a reflective ceiling feature reminiscent of ripples in water, as well as a stunning showcase of live greenery and water glass walls, all of which combine to create an impressive arrival experience.

    From the reception, the journey splits between two key areas. On the left side of the floorplate is a spacious and colourful work café that doubles up as a townhall area. Here, employees can enjoy soothing sea views while conversing with colleagues over a cup of coffee, or finish up some work before their next meeting. As the sun sets towards the end of the day, hues of orange and yellow fill the space through the floor-to-ceiling windows, and the self-serve beer counter comes alive with after-work conversations.

    A viewing gallery allows ONE to showcase its brand content through digital platforms, while also providing guests with a welcoming and comfortable space to relax while waiting for their host. The area is purposefully located next to a suite of meeting rooms, providing a seamless visitor journey.

    Further ahead at the back of house, employees can choose to work from various spots, depending on their needs and preferences. From private booths and window seats to hot desks in a collaborative space, the intent is to cater to different working styles. For those who prefer to have a fixed desk, the option remains available as well. Nearby, lockers provide additional storage for one’s personal belongings and valuable items.

    In wanting to reflect the raison d’être behind the ONE Green Office, references to nature are intentionally incorporated throughout the space. Besides the reflective ceiling feature, live greenery and water glass walls at the front of house, we have also weaved in other features such as hanging plants, moss walls, and decorative timber wood elements. In addition, zinc panels painted in ONE’s signature magenta hue serve as visual references to the company’s shipping containers, while doubling up as feature walls.

    Through creative play with textures, materials and finishes, coupled with the bold use of colours, we have successfully designed and built a dynamic and vibrant workplace that not only addresses the hybrid work model, but also actively projects ONE’s endeavour to create a greener future for the shipping industry.

    Design: ID21
    Photography: Kelvin Cuff