Yılmazlar Law Offices – Istanbul

  • Client Yılmazlar Law,
  • size 592 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Istanbul, Turkey,
  • Industry Law Firm / Legal Services,
  • Melike Ovet Interior Design used light wood contrasted with marble and warm colors to design the Yılmazlar Law offices in Istanbul, Turkey.

    Architectural elements in the office have been constituted around dynamic, precise and powerful forms. Some spaces are easy on the eyes, utilizing serene materials, while others adopt more charismatic items, textures and colors. Filled with natural light, we can best describe this space as compact, functional, minimal, modern, serene and positive.

    Creating a happy, peaceful and comfortable working area for all the residents in the office was our first priority for our customers. We have aimed to create a modern, bright, spacious and multifunctional workspace, free of creative and visual barriers, allowing for both team and individual working environments to meet the needs of our customers.

    We have turned the office into a completely new area. Before, there had been only one closed room, but we opted to create two independent manager rooms, as well as an open plan working area for 6 to 8 people. Additionally, we designed an activity area, open kitchen lounge and reception desk in the office entrance, along with a division separating the restrooms from the rest of the office. The electromechanical installations and plumbing infrastructure have also been renovated in accordance with the new structure.

    The common purpose of our team and our customers was to create a space that deviates and goes beyond the expectations and style of a customary law office. We have built a new workspace that allows both executives and team members to function and operate in perfect harmony.

    We wanted to bring a distinct character to the entrance by using high contrast colors. However, as you come into the office we used darker colors and soft lighting to retain a certain serious ambiance while still remaining welcoming. This entrance to the open office creates a new experience for both employees and visitors. Upon entrance, visitors are welcomed at a marble top reception adorned with bright abstract wall art just above.

    Beyond reception, you enter into the common working space for 6 to 8 people where both individual work or team meetings can be conducted with an optional screen division when needed. The open plan kitchen also is located in this space allowing for great utility and a bit of fun.

    There are two manager rooms located on the facade of the building, separated from the common working area by glass walls. The glass walls have multifunctionality by dividing the space while still maintaining an open feel by allowing daylight into the common working area through the facade.

    Design: Melike Ovet Interior Design
    Photography: Sinan Çırak