Quickcheck Offices – Lagos

  • Client Quickcheck,
  • size 16,145 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Lagos, Nigeria,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • Micdee Designs completed a minimal and functional space for the Quickcheck offices in Lagos, Nigeria.

    The recently completed QuickCheck office was born out of a need for a space to accommodate her rapidly growing team. In our deep dive sessions with the client, it became clear that aside from the need for a bigger space, the staff was in dire need of a highly functional and optimized work environment. As we interacted and discussed and tried to get insight into their workflow, we realized that the current set up was a key player in the quality of work that was being churned out by their staff.

    Our Process
    Our goal was to create a vibrant, fun and professional workspace for the Quickcheck team. In setting up the space, we prioritized staff welfare and productivity. We achieved this by ensuring that a variety of work zones were present. Huddle corners were placed around the office to foster collaboration. The phone booths allow for staff to have some alone time to focus and power through work or take a quick call. Another priority for us was bringing in brand expressions within the office space. The arrival area is defined to be a key experience moment, devoted to conveying an energetic impression with a strong Quickcheck branding to their staff and visitors alike. Their brand expression is also carried through the entire space. Overall, the blend of light wood tones neutral walls and a vibrant orange color that defines the Quickcheck brand create a special atmosphere.

    Design: Micdee Designs
    Design Team: Anthonia Joseph, Mayowa Olomo, Ransome Westt, Kolawole Shomade, Joshua Amachree
    Photography: Mujib Ojeifo