Halkin Management Offices – London

  • Client Halkin Management,
  • size 62,425 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location United Kingdom, London, England,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • MISK Design London designed a green office in both color and care to environmental impact for Halkin Management in London, England.

    Number 1 Paris Garden, a 4-story art-deco warehouse in Southwark, had presented a challenge to many designers before MISK Design London was commissioned to refurbish its reception and communal areas.

    MISK drew inspiration from the client, Halkin Management’s strong environmental work and commitments. MISK wanted to support Halkin’s green aspirations, creating a modern workspace where clients could experience something new.

    Biophilic design is becoming increasingly important to corporate buildings and the people that inhabit them. The director of MISK, Ivana Stiborova, accepted that natural light was limited and turned this to her advantage. Drawing on a dark palette of greens, each plant was chosen and arranged as its own installation.

    “It’s such an easy thing to draw inspiration from nature, and by bringing the outside indoors I knew immediately what I would do to fill in the gaps of this new canvas,” explains founder of MISK Design London, Ivana Stiborova. “Plants don’t just provide us with cleaner air, but a clearer mind. It’s important, especially in a city like London, to find innovative ways to keep in touch with the natural world.”

    Keen to recycle or repurpose as many materials as possible, MISK worked with the existing furniture and surfaces, repainting and reupholstering rather than wasting. LED lights hang from burnished copper chains, a striking dynamic when set between the hanging fronds of plant life.

    Design: MISK Design London
    Design Team: Ivana Stiborova, Anna Fracchiolla
    Photography: Henry Woide