PEPSICO Offices – Cairo

  • Client PepsiCo,
  • size 174,375 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Cairo, Egypt,
  • Industry Food / Beverage,
  • Echelle Architects designed the PEPSICO offices with a strong brand identity and dynamic workspaces in Cairo, Egypt.

    It’s not easy to design a nice workspace to achieve a fun and dynamic environment, but it’s much harder to design a space that can cater for future generation needs, creating a fully dynamic space and a variety of spaces that can be transformed at any period to tailor all kind of employees and their working mood achieving Flexibility and agility.

    The new PepsiCo-office design should have the power to increase company culture and morale too. Even a simple dedicated lunch space can make a major impact. We aim to encourage employees to move away from their desks when they need to, to unwind and refresh their creativity. This can improve employee bonds too, utilizing all possible spaces.

    Located in Cairo festival city “CFC”, PEPSICO had acquired a new building to relocate over 710 full time employees from Egypt and Dubai, in addition over 16200 sqm of built-Up area of G + 5.

    We wanted to create a journey that begins from the entrance where visitors/employees get their first impression, get to know the brand and its identity through dynamic screens that changes their display constantly, sending all kind of joy messages and promoting all products in a fun way creating different space design at each time you visit the building.
    Passing through the core area, (the heart of the building), all visitors/employees will get to know better the PEPSICO brand, celebrating the brand’s heritage through history in different ways, treating the core area like a museum that changes all the time displaying the brand’s heritage in arts, how it was displayed in movies that we love, sport events that we lived, old TV commercials…etc.

    The end of this exciting journey will be at the office space itself a where all employees are inspired enough so they can be motivated to write their future themselves, not in static conventional desks, but in a different dynamic space that can easily altered through time in a bright, flexible and welcoming environment

    Design: Echelle Architects
    Design Team: Ali Salah, Fady Aziz, Khaled El-Zanaty
    Photography: Essam Arafa