Shanghai Tobacco Machinery Offices – Shanghai

  • Client Shanghai Tobacco Machinery,
  • size 21,527 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Shanghai, China,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • NOVAH designed the Shanghai Tobacco Machinery offices with multiple dynamic workspaces in Shanghai, China.

    How to upgrade the office space of traditional manufacturing industry? Recently, Shanghai Tobacco Machinery’s office underwent a new renovation and upgrade to become an intelligent, modern office space.

    In this project, the most noteworthy is the intelligent storage system. In the office, employees sometimes encounter some storage challenges: a lot of office supplies but little storage space, confusing lockers, no exclusive storage space for employees.

    In this office, a large number of Anyway and Morph Locker storage cabinets are used. Anyway cabinets cover all cabinet storage products in the office, including file cabinets, movable cabinets, Caddy cabinets, lockers, etc., helping people to create a flexible office space.

    Morph Locker cabinet is more intelligent and supports booking, storage, management and other functions through mobile phone scanning code, helping enterprises to create a smart storage system.

    In the conference room, the flexible, movable and foldable Four Fold table is the main product in the office. Four Fold supports free movement and can be arranged in any combination according to the needs of the activity when the department staff conducts the activity. Fabricks, which have excellent sound insulation, allow for flexible partitioning of spaces.

    In the collaboration area, Cabana and cube sofas are used extensively, together with FourSure® Family and FourMe® Family chairs, forming a classic combination suitable for employees to conduct discussions and collaboration.

    It is an efficient office space, with intelligent storage systems that make storage and management more efficient, and other areas are also designed according to the needs of the staff to help companies achieve greater value.

    Design: NOVAH
    Photography: courtesy of NOVAH