BBS Capital Offices – London

  • Client BBS Capital,
  • Year 2023
  • Location United Kingdom, London, England,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • Peldon Rose designed the BBS Capital offices with a thoughtful layout to maximize space in London, England.

    Moving into a dedicated building for the first time, real estate finance specialist BBS Capital wanted its new home to be a true physical representation of the business. Design and build company Peldon Rose brought this vision to life, giving an already beautiful asset an identity to be proud of. As property and finance experts, the BBS Capital team have a keen eye for real estate, and its own HQ was no exception. The team settled
    on 2 Cross Keys Close, an unconventional 19th century converted stable building, situated in the heart of Marylebone, with quirky architecture and rich history at its core.

    A warm welcome
    From the outset, 2 Cross Keys Close feels characterful, with a grand entrance that consists of two large double doors harking back to the building’s previous life as an equestrian stable. This dramatic entryway can also be thrown open in the summer months to welcome visitors and give the company a visible presence on the street and in the community.

    Stepping inside, brand identity is immediately established, with bespoke signage in the entryway. The team lifted the firm’s colour palette from a dark black to a lighter grey, with orange features, for a welcoming entrance that remains on brand.

    As with most central London locations, maximising space is key, and a dedicated storage wall was created in this lobby area. Personalised touches were incorporated, including a cupboard complete with ventilation, primarily for coats and cycle / motorbike gear to dry on wet days; a feature created in response to understanding how team members commute to the office. Cycle storage was also included to remove any potential barriers to healthy commuting and help give employees viable options for travel to work in the capital. Clutter negatively impacts productivity, so helping people keep the space clean is about much more than aesthetics.

    A space for clients and collaboration
    To create an impactful client experience, the whole floor plan has been opened up to help the original structure feel bigger and brighter, and the lighting has also been upgraded to lift the previously dark space. In keeping with the colour scheme, feature copper lights hang above a large coffee bar-style tea point, designed for the team and clients to gather and socialise, an element lacking in their previous workspace. The Peldon Rose interior design team selected a Rustic, on-brand orange tile for the wall to make it jump out from the rest of the space. The brighter colours bring energy and encourage that all-important collaboration and socialisation.

    Two meeting rooms sit across the back wall of the ground floor, where the soft grey tones continue. Peldon Rose provided an acoustic finish in each space to maintain the ambience across the office. Dedicated breakout spaces have been implemented across the ground floor, with soft furnishings grouped around a low New York loft-style coffee table, promoting more natural interactions between employees and providing a less formal atmosphere to meet with clients. The pops of orange branding appear throughout the entire space, as well as a core focus on biophilia, helping to encourage end-user wellbeing and spark creativity. Ultimately, the ground floor has a truly buoyant atmosphere, offering a space where staff can relax, socialise, or entertain clients.

    Investing in people
    The first floor reveals BBS Capital’s more traditional office space, albeit one designed to provide employees with the most productive working environment possible. Supporting wellbeing was central to achieving this, and everyone has been provided with a sit–stand desk to facilitate movement without disrupting focus – some people will work better upright, and some laid back; what’s important is choice. Stronger lighting has also
    been introduced to lift the space and support natural light that comes in through the large stable doors and skylight. The space is all tied together through considered biophilia carried through from the floor below, ensuring a wellbeing-focused environment no matter where staff choose to work from.

    Design: Peldon Rose
    Photography: Stephen Bennett