Unit Offices – Tel Aviv

  • Client Unit,
  • size 25,295 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Tel Aviv, Israel,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • Switchup designed a bright and open space for the Unit offices in Tel Aviv, Israel.

    Unit is a company that has revolutionized the banking industry by providing a powerful banking service API that allows companies to launch new banking products in mere weeks instead of years. When Switchup was asked to design their office space, they wanted to create a workspace that exuded the same level of efficiency and positivity that Unit provided to its clients.

    To foster a sense of community in the office, Switchup opted for an open plan layout, removing walls and barriers in favor of communal workspaces. This encourages productivity and collaboration while imbuing the office with an open and interconnected atmosphere. The company’s logo, which is indented into the wall, is a modern touch that catches the eye.

    To promote positivity, Switchup used a green and grey color scheme, with plants dotted throughout the office. This not only enhances the mood of employees but also has numerous health benefits, such as reducing stress and increasing creativity. The office’s walls were given a dash of personality by incorporating a variety of textures and patterns while maintaining a professional atmosphere.

    In some parts of the office, Switchup went for a futuristic design, complete with modern furniture, clean lines, and a geometric aesthetic. This created a cutting-edge atmosphere that reflects the innovative work that Unit is doing. In other areas, wood was used to create cozy spaces where employees can relax and unwind mentally, boosting their productivity when they return to their tasks.

    In summary, Switchup created an office space that reflects Unit’s values and commitment to revolutionizing the banking industry. The space is sleek and minimalistic, yet brimming with intricate details, much like their product. The result is a workspace that is both inviting and inspiring, making it the perfect place to work.

    Design: Switchup
    Photography: Yoav Peled | Peled Studios