Teleperformance Offices – Surakarta

  • Client Teleperformance,
  • size 26,910 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Surakarta, Indonesia,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • Arkadia Works designed an imaginative and colorful office for the Teleperformance team in Surakarta, Indonesia.

    A local modern office has been designed for Teleperformance, a solution service provider for planning and optimizing business strategy, customer service, and technical support in the business.

    Through the design concept of “The Vibrancy of Surakarta”, Designer applied local elements such as Batik & Wayang that assimilated to a vibrant modern design.

    Entering the Reception Area, the bright colors with an energetic impression are applied aligned to corporate identity. For the local impression, Designer added the Batik & Wayang elements to the bright wall decorations. Various types of lighting are applied in this area such as downlight, indirect lamps, to woven bamboo lighting decoration.

    To emphasize the local impression in other areas, Designer added the cultural elements in the detail of the design such as Batik pattern decorations in the Manager Room, woven bamboo lighting decorations in the Reception Area, and illustrations of making batik & wayang in the Corridor Area.

    Besides the vibrant modern and local design, the Teleperformance office is also built with an environmentally friendly design concept with reused and recycled materials such as reused cassettes & CDs as the wall decoration.

    For the Staff Area, Designer applied the open space area to support employee collaboration and productivity. Designers also create the adjustable Meeting Room with the use of moveable partitions for a bigger room needed.

    Another vibrant, colorful, and fun design area is applied to the Breakout and Pantry Area. Here, the employee can be relaxed and do small and casual discussions so productivity can be enhanced after.

    Design: Arkadia Works
    Photography: Imaji Raya